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Dr. Miles Myers (Teacher)

Miles Myers

Dr. Miles Myers, respected and beloved English teacher at OHS, passed away Wednesday night, December 16, 2015 after suffering a sudden heart attack.

An obituary will be in the local papers next weekend and will replace this note. 

A memorial is being planned for Friday, January 8 from 5-7 PM at the Joaquin Miller Community Center.


RIP Mr. Myers



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12/27/15 06:11 PM #1    

Helen Pulver (Rosenberg)

Dr. Myers was one of the best and his lessons and term paper in English 4 left a lasting impression on me. So glad he could attend our 50 year reunion.

12/27/15 06:55 PM #2    

MaryJane McCormick (Smith)

Dr Myers was one of my all-time favorite teachers in high school (we were blessed with many back then).  I was so excited to see him at our 50th, and he looked better than many of us!!  Managed to stammer something inane and unworthy to him that evening.  Wish I had told him how many times I have thought of him and his many lessons over the years. 

Rest in Peace dear teacher, and many condolences to the family.

12/31/15 10:21 AM #3    

Sharon Lofholm (Johnson)

Dr Miles was my all time favorite instruction in high school and all of my college experiences. We were all so very fortunate to have him as our faculty at OHS! I thought about him so many years and wanted to thank him for making such a difference in my life. Like Helen, I still remember our term paper and actually still have it. I laughed when I read Mary Jane's comment as I probably said something very inept too when I spoke to him and his lovely wife at our reunion. His gift as an educator was his dedication to give us the broadest education and truly believing in us. He played music and brought art work in from the Oakland Library as we learned about the differences between classical and romantic theories in literature, poetry, art, architecture, and music. He was even brave enough to take a class of high school students to see a performance of King Lear in San Francisco!! My most sincere condolences to his family.

01/01/16 01:31 PM #4    

Angela Centini (Field)

Mr. Myers will be missed by all his famiy and friends, RIP.

01/04/16 11:37 AM #5    

Janet Stromberg (Rector)

Dr. Myers was a great teacher. I still remember his classes and all that I learned that has helped me thru my life. It was so great to see him at the last reunion. Blessings, Janet Stromberg Rector

01/04/16 11:38 AM #6    

Janet Stromberg (Rector)

Dr. Myers was a great teacher. I still remember his classes and all that I learned that has helped me thru my life. It was so great to see him at the last reunion. Blessings, Janet Stromberg Rector

01/19/16 08:09 AM #7    

Michael Cohen

I have had many teachers over the years. The best ever was Miles. His patience and understanding of loud mouthed teenagers, like me, was amazing. I would say things(90% were wise-cracks)which if at all  conected to the discussion, were  extremely peripheral. Unlike some of hiscolleagues, his response was to ask me why i said it, and to challenge me to THINK. What a crazy idea--  me, think? I was just a screw up who was juiced up on hormones, but Mr. Myers insisted and i learned to think, for which i will always be grateful .

My condolences to his family, friends and former students. I know be was much loved and respected


01/21/16 06:04 PM #8    

Mark Pettit

Dr.Myers was a dedicated teacher who decided to cross me off. He told me never to waste my time going to go to college because I could never pass a college English class. I am a registered clinical pharmacist having taken care of hospitaized patients and families for more than 40 years. When I later confronted him with my A grades in Eng 1A&B. He declined to admit to his hateful statement to me. I of course in no way celebrate his demise but do not wish him to be a hero.

01/24/16 12:56 PM #9    

Charlie Huff


I first met Dr. Myers at McChesney J.H. where he did his student teaching.  Later, as a senior at OHS, I had him, again in English.    Both experiences were great and was even extended into my time at Cal via his generous advice.  

At our 50th, we were asked to mention the teacher who mentored us or who's instruction was most significant.   I remember that Dr. Myers chimed in with Eugere McCreary's name, who was his master teacher at McChesney.

Charlie Huff   




01/24/16 03:26 PM #10    

Karin Dixon (Butler)

I had Dr. Myers twice for English.  The first time was great, but the second time in an advanced English class he became very frustrated with me because I was doing my best to ruin my life.  (Fortunately, I didn't succeed).  But he was a young teacher and only human. I can't blame him for not handling things well.  I do have a thought about Mark's experience with Dr. Myers.  When one of my teenage sons was doing poorly in school and nothing I did could persuade him to improve his grades, I tried something very different.  He had a part time job as a dishwasher in a restaurant, so I told him that I was sorry for coming down on him so hard, that I realized he probably really was incapable of doing high school work and he should drop out of high school now and begin his career as a dishwasher.  I even stressed he would be ahead of the rest of the people becoming dishwashers by his experience.  This was extremely upsetting to him (and not easy for me to carry off.  I was on the school board and when my son told one of his teachers what I was proposing, I was very embarrassed.)  However, while it didn't solve the whole problem, his grades did begin to improve and he is a successful businessman today.  I don't know how Mark was doing in his English class at that time, but perhaps, Dr. Myers was trying the same kind of tactic that I did.  By the way, my son still refuses to believe I was smart enough to trick him.  lol!

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