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07/25/16 03:53 PM #54    

Sandra (Sandy) Farr (Rush)

I would like to add 44years to the totals of wedded bliss and it makes me happy to see so many long lasting marriages!  Two sons each celebrated 25 years!  On a sad note, I have never forgotten Carolyn.  She was kindness itself to a little girl in Sunday School and carried it through high school.  At one time I thought they had a suspect?  

Sandy (Farr) Rush

07/26/16 01:59 AM #55    

Warren Sapir

Chalk up 42 years for Warren and Jan.

07/26/16 08:55 AM #56    

Margaret Wetteland (England)

It's wonderful to hear about everyone's lives. Congratulations to all! My husband, Roger (OHS January '59) and I have been married for 52 years. We have two great daughters and a beautiful 13 year-old granddaughter. We divide our time between our home in Oakland and our place in Nevada City. He still sails the bay and I admit to being a chamber music junkie, playing violin in several chamber music groups and the occasional orchestra. We're still happy and healthy and count ourselves very fortunate.

07/26/16 09:55 AM #57    


Ben Fong-Torres

So, with Margaret Wetteland (England)'s check-in, we have 1,236 combined years of happy unions.

And if you were wondering: MaryJane McCormick (Smith) tops us all with 53 years; Jim Hayford, Jerry Clifford and Margaret are at 52, and Robert Wahlstrom and his beloved are at 51.

Safe to say, there are no losers in this tally.

07/26/16 11:08 AM #58    

Peggy Ellenburg (McCord)

Peggy Ellenburg McCord

Bob (class of 1961) will soon celebrate 53 years of marriage. We knew eachother in highschool but started dating in college.Where has the time gone. Love hearing good things about former classmates as well. I also went to Glenview and McChesney as well as OHS. I will soon be 72 but still remember 18.

07/26/16 01:46 PM #59    


Janet Stromberg (Rector)

Ben, I'm glad you're counting I am getting ready to leave for Germany soon for about 2 & half weeks. I'll catch up when I return. Janet

07/26/16 11:22 PM #60    


Jeani (Irmajean) Golish (Mills)

If This keeps going, we may well reach 1962!

07/27/16 11:02 AM #61    

Joanie Risso (Santos)

Hi Everyone.

My husband Ron and I have been married for 51 happy years!  You can add us to your count Ben.

Joanie Risso Santos

07/28/16 06:58 AM #62    

Jim Hayford

Betsey and I met and married 52 years ago in Los Angeles, CA.

07/28/16 09:36 AM #63    


Ben Fong-Torres

1340, and Hi, there, Joanie!

07/28/16 04:01 PM #64    


Sharon Lofholm (Johnson)

Hi Ben, I know Ardis Johnson Carroll has been trying to navigate the website to let you know that she and Stan have been married 49 years this August. We are reaching impressive numbers from our impressive group! Sharon Lofholm Johnson

07/29/16 03:04 PM #65    


Earl "Robert" Brooks

In 1969, I married a highly intelligent (she was a member of Mensa) and beautiful girl.  She passed away from breast cancer.  In 1980 I was blessed to marry a second time, to a talented and beautiful woman.  We have been married 36 wonderful years.

07/30/16 03:14 PM #66    


MaryJane McCormick (Smith)

OHS62, I have always felt, is a very special bunch of people...friendly, caring, talented, and loyal.  Down through the years this has proven true over and over in the way we still, after all this time and life experiences, have held together.  Our long marriages are a further testament to our loyalty as is this wonderful website.  Fond regards to each and every one of you, to those I know personally and to those I do not.  Long may our OHS62 flags wave.

07/30/16 05:27 PM #67    

Bob Cone

I met Joan in 1968 when we were Peace Corps Volunteers in Kenya. We were married in 1969 and just celebrated our 47th anniversary by hiking the 453 mile Chemin de St. Jacques Camino in France.  

08/02/16 02:46 PM #68    


Ben Fong-Torres

Congrats to Joann Biondi, long-time animal lover, for winning $10,000 in an essay contest for a piece about therapy cats. Joann, veteran volunteer at ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation, I'm guessing), wanted to share the story with you. Best way to see it is to go to her profile page. I snuck it in under "School Stories," and altho there was no way to insert photos, there are several on the upper right, with thanks to Barbara Brady Smith. Pet cats, therapy cats, Wildcats -- we love 'em all. Good going, Joann!

08/02/16 02:49 PM #69    


Ben Fong-Torres

Earl Brooks & Bob Cone bring our Marriage Years total to 1423. Whoops -- just saw Marsha Warren Addiego; she and Russ have tallied 24, so now it's 1447.

More, more, more!

08/03/16 09:36 AM #70    

John Groper



Ben. I met my future wife, Laura Geffen, in March of 1972. We married a little more than a year later. So you can add another 43 years to your total.

John  Groper


08/04/16 08:53 AM #71    

Marlene Neault (Cordi)

Hi Ben, I met and married my husband in 1963 which gives us a total of 53 years this October.  

Marlene (Neault) Cordi

08/05/16 10:03 AM #72    

James Porter (Big Daddy)

Big Daddy and Barbara add another 33 years to the anniversary waltz. That includes a few times when I forgot the date.

08/05/16 11:36 PM #73    


Ben Fong-Torres

OK, we are now at an astounding 1,764 combined years of happy marriage (including that wacky bachelor Gary Z!).  This includes John Groper, Marlene Neault, whose 53 years ties her with MaryJane McCormick atop the field of long-wedded Wildcats, "Big Daddy" James Porter, John Williams, Richard Troxel, and Mark Pettit.

Since we are now in the season of scores and stats (Olympics) and polls and numbers (the elections), I'll add that the 1,764 years cover 40 classmates, for an average of 43.65 years of marriage. Crazy!

Someone said we might hit 1962. When we began, I thought 1062 would be an impressive number. It was. Now, we want 198 more. Tell your fellow classmates.

Congrats, and thanks!

08/06/16 08:54 AM #74    

Grant Gladman

I have been partners in life with my wonderful wife Marge for 44 years. I thought it couldn’t get any better, and then our granddaughter arrived. She is now 5 years old and lots of fun.
I love the comments that have come in. Nice going classmates!

08/06/16 11:50 AM #75    

Dale Evans (Drew)

Dale (Evans) and Dennis Drew have been married 44 happy years.  Note to Big Daddy:  We got married on my birthday, so, fortunately, he's never forgotten either anniversary or birthday!  Greetings from a Wildcat living in Boise, and my best to all OHS '62 classmates.


08/06/16 12:30 PM #76    

Joan French (Moon)

Hi Ben.. Gary and I will be celebrating 44yrs this yr. Congratulations to all!!

08/06/16 12:42 PM #77    

Thomas Pitta

Thomas Pitta and Connie (Wittmer) Pitta (OHS64) would like to add their 49 years of marriage to the count.  We have been happily living in Angels Camp for 36 years.  I spend my time as a docent at Railtown 1897 Historic State Park in Jamestown, CA.  I've enjoyed reading all the posts.

08/06/16 08:36 PM #78    

Bruce Glover

Bruce and Sara Glover have been happily married for 51 years.


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