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08/10/16 10:23 AM #89    

Dean Scott


Yes Ben,  Sheila Gehrman and I just had are 50th on a cruise ship on the way back from Alaska on July 3rd.  It's amazing to look out from 71 year old eyes and still think you are 30.  These 50 years of marriage have have been a blessing and we are looking forward to the next 20.



08/15/16 01:58 PM #90    

John Barclay

Married 43 years before my wife, Vivian Joyce Frensley of Nashville, TN, passed due to breast cancer. She was a 13 year survivor. We met in San Angelo, TX after my return from Air Force tour in Alaska and married six months later; Dec. 1965.

08/16/16 10:33 AM #91    

Sue Nadeau (Sowden)

I am so encouraged by the large number of long marriages in the class of '62.  It often feels to me that ours was the high point and that, in many ways, it has been downhill ever since.  I will be married 50 years in 2017, and my sister, Candy, who also graduated in '62, has already had her 50th.  (In the Oaken Bucket, we were Sue Helene Nadeau and Catherine (Candy) Louise Nadeau.) She and her husband, Sam Frankel, had two sons and they just became a great-grandparents; I have six children and ten grandchildren, and counting.  There has been divorce in our family, and I know it is often inevitable and necessary, but it is wonderful to hear of those who powered through the hard times.   

08/17/16 10:49 AM #92    

Donna Boyle (Poland)

Okay, my turn to add to the numbers! Happy, happy 42nd anniversary to my wonderful husband, partner in all things fun, and my best friend, Bob. Love you to the moon and back!

10/01/16 12:03 AM #93    


Ben Fong-Torres

Long time! But I just checked the latest messages, and we now move from 2,114 collective years of marriage to 2,299.

Amazing, for about 52 marriages. That's an average of about 44 years per hookup. Good going, Class of '62.

Quick side note: I've been programming and DJ-ing on a station I created a year ago for a rock band called Moonalice. If you're into a wide range of music -- rock, blues, R&B, Americana, reggae, and a sprinkling of oldies -- check it out. I do a 3-hour DJ show, at various times, but always on Saturdays and Sundays, 9 to noon and 9 to midnight, Pacific time. Do check it out, and send me any requests you'd like.  It's at Or go to and look for the blue radio logo; click & listen.

10/01/16 06:49 AM #94    


Janet Stromberg (Rector)

So, we do have a blessed class with love and committment; I for one am impressed. What a great little gathering we had this summer at Fenton's (for those of us who were able to go). I was able to revisit the house where I grew up and the years just melted away. Go class of '62! Thanks, Ben, I will check out your station. Are you on FM, AM or XM? I will check it out on your website. You know I love all kinds of music (except rap and heavy metal). Blessings to our amazing class of '62, Janet

10/01/16 01:03 PM #95    

Melanie Frazier (Margetts)

Hello All, I'm a little late to the party.  Just wanted to say that Jimmy and I have been together for 53 years also. We were married in 1963.  Congratulations to everyone.

10/02/16 04:51 AM #96    


Jeani (Irmajean) Golish (Mills)


  1. Hi Ben, I just realized that next year will be our 55th.
  2. Also the last year for this site. ​​I am noticing that this web site is still being well used by those of us who are still kicking.
  3. I vote to renew our membership for another 5 years., even if we have to personally donate a few bucks.
  4. Do we want a 55 year reunion? Maybe something not so grand as the last. Money gets tighter at our age.
  5. These are things to start thinking about. What do others think? 



10/02/16 10:33 AM #97    

Marilyn Silva (Schultz)

I want to add Mary Buckingham Hershey and her husband to the list of happily married couples.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary in August 2013.  Sadly, I received news that Mary passed away with a sudden heart attack about two weeks ago.  Sorry but I don't have more details.  Mary will be remembered as a very sweet and giving person.  She and her husband, John, their children and grandchildren were always willing to help anyone in need.  She will be missed by all who knew her.

10/02/16 12:04 PM #98    

Lindy Corneille (Smith)

This is a message for Ben Fong-Torres.

Hi Ben, 

I sent in a message about how many years I have been happily married for your records last year..  You have never mentioned it in your wonderful posts about the many, many years of wedded bliss we grads of OHS '62 have experienced.  

In case I sent this info to the wrong place, Barrie and I have been enjoying our marriage for 48 years come Dec 20, 2016. What fun to see how many years we have accumulated in our  marriages! 

Lindy Corneille Smith

10/02/16 01:05 PM #99    


Ben Fong-Torres

OK, 5 responses in 1 message:

First, Marilyn: I'm very sorry to hear about Mary Buckingham; we send our sympathies to John and their family. Their 53 years together will be honored & included in our count.

Janet: Moonalice Radio is online, at the URL I gave: I'm on from 9 to noon and 9 to midnight Pacific on weekends and at various hours on weekdays.

Jeani: I've already renewed our Classmates site for 5 or 10 years; I don't remember, but we are set. Helen and I will begin consulting with various Class of '62 members re a 55 year gathering. I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts. But yes, we're thinking about something more casual.

Melanie: Great to hear from you and to add your and Jim's years to the toteboard.

Lindy! You are right; I did not get that message; your married years are now included, and the latest count is...


and for all you stats geeks, that represents 47 couples.

Big cheers,

Ben F-T

10/02/16 03:20 PM #100    

Helen Pulver (Rosenberg)

Our Classmates subscription runs through July 2027 ( almost 11 years) so let's all keep in touch. 

10/03/16 08:01 AM #101    


Teri Nichols (Harter)

Good morning all:

I just want to say I'm glad the website will stay up.  I was not able to attend the reunion so this is the best way for me to keep in touch.

I am sad to read about all the losses we've had, but also love hearing about all the positivie things that are happening.

Keep posting.


12/22/16 11:51 AM #102    


Janet Stromberg (Rector)

Dear Family and friends as well as all my amazing classmates from our '62 graduating class. We come together, whether near or far to rejoice this Christmas Season. Our family is amazing. Jesse is 16 already and now thinking about further education. Leah is now in Middle school as well is Roland. Both Jonathan and Julian are in elementary school. David continues to work at Schweitzer in Pullman while Anna is doing substitute teaching. Mike continues to work at Filoli and Janet sings in Stanford Choir and Menlo Choir along with teaching needlework. We are all healthy and Happy thanks to our precious LORD Jesus. Love and Hugs to all, Mike and Janet
Today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the LORD. Luke 2:11 

12/23/16 02:41 PM #103    


Russel Larsen

Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays to all.  Russ Larsen

10/19/20 11:08 PM #104    

Sandra (Sandy) Farr (Rush)

My husband Ben and I were married 47 years before he passed last year.  I miss him terribly but they were 47 excellent years.  He enjoyed hearing me read the postings - and I enjoyed sharing them!

--Sandy (Farr) Rush


10/20/20 03:17 AM #105    

Warren Sapir

My wife Jan and I have been married for 46 years.


08/13/21 02:03 PM #106    

Judith Johnston (Tandowsky)

I am saddened to report that my beautiful wife and your classmate Judith Johnson Tandowsky has passed away after a long bout with cancer. Doctors gave her two and a half years when she was diagnosed but she lasted six. Always over achieving! She was the light of my life and I know she was proud to have helped plan the last reunion. Thanks to all of you who knew her and welcomed her into your lives. She will truly be missed.

with sorrow,

Ross Tandowsky 

08/13/21 07:14 PM #107    


MaryJane McCormick (Smith)

My heartfelt condolences on your loss.  Blessings on her and you both.  Remember the good times and she will forever be with you.

08/14/21 06:43 PM #108    

Sandra (Sandy) Farr (Rush)

Judi and I stayed in touch throughout the years, but sadly after my husband died I didn't respond to very many.  In going through old papers I found a card Judi sent me last year recalling our friendship and highlights there of - riding in my grandmother's pink station wagon, trips through 19 and many more precious memories. I wish I'[d been better this last few years about keeping in touchl but knowing Judi, she's telling Ben all about our past exploits.  I loved her very much and wish I had a chance to tell her so - but somehow I think  she knows  I'm so glad I was able to talk with Ross shortly before Judi passed 

- she had so many questions about the Lord - now  she kmows in full: 

Sandy (Farr) Rush


08/17/21 02:28 PM #109    


Ben Fong-Torres

Thank you, Ross, and thank you, Judi, for being a light among our entire Class of '62, for being a wonderful member of our reunion committee and then, after the event, for taking on the reins of our finances, at US Bank. We are in good shape for future events and/or donations to educational causes, thanks to Judi. We will carry on, but always with memories of a lovely classmate.

09/26/21 02:35 PM #110    

Jim Hayford

Can anyone help me out with information about my friend and teammate (Football).  I understand he passed-away several years ago.  Do you have any details about his life/death that you could share with me?  Thanks, Jim Hayford

09/26/21 02:36 PM #111    

Jim Hayford

Sorry.  Forgot to mention his name!  Jim Hughes.

10/04/21 08:22 AM #112    

John Swartzberg

Congratulations, Ben, on all of your accomplishments.  While reading the wonderful article about you in yesterday's SF Chronicle (10/3/21), I had an enormous smile on my face!

05/18/22 01:54 PM #113    

Wendell Brown

happy birthday to, my lovely young friend, nene Johansson. 

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