In Memory

Charlie Huff

A sister remembers:

On July 6, 2016 at 5:05 a.m., Charles Alan Huff went to his resting place with our Lord.  My name is Carol Huff Craft his twin sister and these are my reflections.

            Charlie was always my rock, my defender.  When we were around

four, some neighbor boy star ted to tease me, so Charlie grabbed a large fistful of grass and threatened to throw it saying “leave my little sister alone.”

            Near our fifth birthday he found a small table and chairs mom had stashed in a little shed where there were slats that let in some light and revealed its contents.  Well, Charlie couldn’t get the padlock open, so he got a screwdriver to release the door hinges.  After carrying them to the front yard he came to mom and said “momma, momma see what I found in the shed!”

            He was always there to tighten my skate key, to secure my oxfords on the skate, to get things off high shelves, to hold the umbrella over my head while walking to school on rainy days, and let me have the drumsticks when momma made southern fried chicken!

            During high school he was my tutor for all things math:  Geometry, Algebra, and intro to college prep higher math. After high school he went on to U.C. Berkeley and then into Officers Candidate Academy.  I went to U.C. San Francisco for Cytology training.

            Once Charlie received his commission from the Navy he served in Vietnam as a supervising Engineering Officer in charge of a Seabee team who built schools, roads, and small hospitals.  It was a team of thirteen engineers involved in the construction of structures and roadways.

            Over the years we shared many family celebrations and gatherings.  Countless times he drove from Southern California to Stockton and Grass Valley to see mom and me.  He always said that the four hundred miles drive was a piece of cake. These last two trips I made South to visit Charlie made me realize that driving this distance was not a piece of cake!  His many visits to us were a generous loving gift.

            Charlie had many family dogs who shared the love and devotion, only a pet can offer.  I came across an anonymous writing that shows how bonded he was to Buddy, Milo and lastly Mr. Max. Charlie saw this quote in the morning as he wakened to face the day and in the evening as he closed his eyes to the day.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.   If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”

            Through the years my brother was there to always help me out with fixing things around my house, giving me emotional support, and letting me know I was loved.  Charlie will remain alive in my heart forever.

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07/15/16 09:18 AM #6    

Gary Zellweger



I don't know if you remember me but I hung out with Charlie a lot. I met him in the tenth grade when we were in Geometry with Ms Campbell together. We were quite competitive, always trying to best each other on homework assignments; Charlie usually won.

It was Charlie who took me and two others, perhaps Ray Oakshot(sp) and Dave (Wright?), on my first backpack trip. It was Charlie who convinced my father that 4 sixteen year old guy should spend a week on their own in the back parts of Yosemite. Charlie is an Eagle Scout and that was enough to convince dad (also an Eagle); and dad convinced mom and we had a great time. I continued back packing until about 10 years ago when I discovered the hardness of the ground and gravity had both been increasing. I also discovered the six-inch inflatable mattress and car camping.

What a blow; these memorial announcements are coming all too frequently, but I never expected Charlie. I feel miserable and so sorry for you to lose a twin sibling, I know he teased you a lot, mostly in front of guys, but your have it spot on: he was a rock.


Wishing you strength, tears, Gary

07/15/16 10:32 AM #7    

Carolyn Giffin (Conrad)

Carol I was so happy to see Charlie a few days before he passed away.  I also could not believe he was going so fast.  If you remember he came to see us in Stockton about the end of April.  He was his usual jovial self then and fixing things in my house.  He never seemed to tire of doing goof deeds for us. It is a comfort to know he is finally at peace and no longer in pain.  May you cherish his memory as I will and know he is always present in our hearts.





07/15/16 11:16 AM #8    

Ben Fong-Torres

Carol, I join my classmates in sending condolences. Charlie was a great guy and will be--is already being missed by many. But, as you said, he'll always be with us.

07/15/16 09:59 PM #9    

James Porter (Big Daddy)


Sorry for your loss. My prayers are with Charlie and you.

James  BIG DADDY Porter

07/16/16 02:43 AM #10    

Jeani (Irmajean) Golish (Mills)

I am shocked and saddened to hear of Charlie's passing. 
Thank you for the stories you posted of your childhood with him. 
I also first met Charley in 10th grade geometry. He sat next to me, and behind me in Spanish 1. Geometry was easy for me so I did my homework during the five minutes before class. Charlie would copy off my paper. Behind me he copied off my paper in Spanish also. I know he was very smart and didn't need to copy off anybody's work. But it was fun and we teased each other about it. I had a big crush on him. But I never let on until I saw him again sometime before the reunion. He would stop by here in Visalia and have lunch with me on his way home from seeing you and your Mom. We had some good conversations. The last time I saw him he brought Max with him. He loved his dog.
I had no Idea he was ill. 
charlie was smart. He was funny. And he was kind. He will be missed. 
Irmajean Golish AKA Jeani Millsl

07/17/16 09:13 AM #11    

Carolyn Rickard

Dear Carol,

Thank you for posting your special memories of Charlie. Through the shock and sadness of hearing the news of his passing these memories rang so true to his kind and generous spirit. I am so sorry for your loss. I will treasure the times since our class reunion that we met for lunch when I was in the LA area and of course the wonderful times we shared toward the end of our high school years. 



07/17/16 10:33 AM #12    

John Barclay

If you look closely at Charlie's senior picture and mine, you will notice our jackets are one in the same. I borrowed Charlie's jacket for my picture as I thought it far better than mine.

I reminded Charlie of this in an email message over a year ago. He didn't recall doing that. I only had one senior class with Charle but he is one of those few I remember,for the jacket. I was amazed at his accomplishments he listed in his email reply. He is one of my memories of Oakland High and his loss was felt here in North Carolina.

07/17/16 03:56 PM #13    

Ellen Schlachter (Knell)

I also fondly remember Charlie so must have hung out with him more than I remember.  He was fun and i am saddened to read of his passing.  Let that be a reminder to us to keep in touch with friends and family, to laugh and love, and to share...and to make the most of our time on this earth, Ellen

07/17/16 05:13 PM #14    

Earl "Robert" Brooks


I am so sorry for your loss.  Charlie and I got a chance to chat at the class reunion.  When he greeted me, he used my old high school nickname.  I thought I had outgrown it, but Charlie reminded me that it will be my moniker forever (smile).  I saw in his eyes the sincere nature that existed in his heart.  I know you will miss him as will anyone who knew him.  God Bless You Charlie.

07/19/16 01:40 PM #15    

Lindy Corneille (Smith)

Hello Carol, 

Thank you so much for your moving tribute to Charlie.  I was so glad to see him at the 2012 reunion.  Charlie and I dated our senior year.  He was an unforgetable young man, so disciplined and focused.  His website showed his achievements and obvious success as a businessman.  He loved his blue Pontiac and was always ready to help his classmates. 

Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts about him.and helping us all to remember him.  We all appreciated him.  

Lindy Corneille Smith

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