In Memory

Nancy Lawler (Peppin)

        Oakland High School Memorial (Oakland, CA)'s photo.       

Sadly, Nancy passed away June 22, 2015 from cancer.

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06/30/15 05:43 AM #5    

Patricia Beckstrom (Rey)

Hasta la vista dear Nancy. I won't say adios or hasta pronto (I would like to stick around a little bit longer).  Somehow, a song sung by Johnny Cash and others popped into my mind:  "Another man done gone..." because I was thinking "Another Wildcat done gone".  I had forgotten the lyrics of the song were so painful to hear, about an unnamed man who has a long chain on and gets hanged (hung?)..... My erroneous recollection was that a prisoner had escaped from jail and I associated that thought with our finally going through the exit door and escaping from the confinements of our old bodies and moving on to paradise.  Because I choose to believe, I choose not to say "adios" Nancy.  I hope you will be on the other side of the exit door when it's my turn to go and will help me to get accustomed to the wonderful place where everything is done right and if not, we will have you there to set things straight.  My sincere sympathies to all who loved Nancy.   

06/30/15 06:24 AM #6    

Janet Stromberg (Rector)

I remember her as always sweet and kind when we were at Oakland High. Cancer is such a devistating affliction, many have succumbed. So now another sweet soul has left this earth from cancer. What a blessing she was able to attend the reunion. Good bye for now Nancy. We say so long for now.  Love, Janet

06/30/15 12:28 PM #7    

Lindi Bortney (Shedd)

Nancy and I walked down Estates Drive every morning to catch the school bus on Park Avenue.  Most days we walked home together, parting with the words "see you later alligator" in Spanish.  My freshman year was spent at Davis because that's where Nancy was going.  Nancy was from a large, very busy family; I was an only child from a very quiet home.  It was such fun spending time in Nancy's house with all the goings on--a special memory.   I loved Nancy for being real, honest, and a good friend.  I was  thrilled to see her, green hair and all, at our reunion, and found her just as genuine as in her teens.  She shared her life story and her illustrating /artistic talents; her life observations were delightful,  insightful--and fun!.  She will be sorely missed.   Sad, sad.  Lindi

06/30/15 06:11 PM #8    

Debbie Mazor

Nancy and I both came up through Crocker Highlands, so our journey through school was a long one. I remember that she was artistic, like her mom. I am so glad to have known her and reconnect at our 50th. My sympathy to family and friends for your loss. Another Brownie #162 is sadly gone. Yes, our memories run do run deep.

07/01/15 11:51 AM #9    

Carolyn Giffin (Conrad)

Nancy and I hung out a lot at Oakland High.  We had a group that ate lunch together every day.  It was always so much fun to share with Nancy.  Hopes and dreams.  It was also wonderful to see her at the reunion.  She will be greatly missed by all.crying

07/02/15 07:46 PM #10    

Lindy Corneille (Smith)

Nancy Lawler was always happy and enjoyed life.  She will be missed.  Au revoir mon ami.  So glad you were there for our 50 year reunion and we had a chance to chat at Fentons.

Lindy Corneille Smith

07/03/15 07:09 AM #11    

Janet Stromberg (Rector)

To sweet Nancy, I will also say Auf Wiedersehen!!! Love, Janet

07/03/15 09:57 AM #12    

Carolyn Wahlgren (Moreland)

So sad to hear of Nancy's passing. We remember her as a very dynamic and talented member of our class. She will be missed!

Carolyn Wahlgren Moreland and Terry Moreland

07/07/15 10:31 AM #13    

Charlie Huff

I, also, was in Nancy's senior year lunch bunch; later on, we re-connected at Cal.   Who can forget her infectious smile, her stories of backpacking the Sierras and her rawhide "bear scare" bracelet which she declared was always working.   We'll miss you, Nancy; good bye.

Charlie Huff

07/08/15 04:23 PM #14    

Hazel Schroeter (Powell)

Memories of Nancy at OHS include her wit, her outgoing personality, her artistic talent, her loyal friendship. When our family moved into her neck of the woods, she helpfully showed me the bus route needed to get home from school. We were in different Girl Scout troops together, and I admired the clever craft projects she and her mom created. She played the guitar, too, with "The Leftovers," an all-girl musical group. Good-bye, dear Nancy. So glad we re-connected at the reunion.   

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